OSK on NHK, Early Morning, August 20th

 A short documentary on OSK in Shanghai Expo, featuring 虹架路万 Nijikake Roman (She is Chinese Japanese, I believe) by NHK, will be aired.  
The airing date is 

 Sometime between 05:30-07:00 of August 20, 2010



OSK on NHK, July 27th (or early morning July 28th)


OSK had appeared on a NHK programm "Ahoyanen, Sukiyanen (I am fool, and I love it!)" to cast challenge on three girls hosting Thursday's challenge section last month. The programm was only aired in Tokyo area, but now will be aired in Tokyo area as well.

The airing time is July 27th, 27:05-28:13 (July 28th, 3:05〜4:13) on NHK Sogo channel.

Anyone living in Tokyo area, this will be a good chance to have a look at OSK!

OSK schedule for January, 2010


OSK新春公演「YUKIMURAー我が心 炎の如くー」YUKIMURA -My Heart is Like Fire

Starring: Entire OSK Nippon Kageki-dan

Date&time Year 2010
timeJan. 22Jan. 23Jan. 24
13:00 OO
18:00 OO

Place: サンケイホールブリーゼ Sankei Hall Breeze
 大阪市北区梅田2-4-9 ブリーゼタワー7F
 Osaka-shi Kita-ku Umeda 2-4-9 Breeze Tower 7F

 Price: S seat:7000yen, A seat: 5000yen, B seat: 3000yen
 Tickets are available at Ticket Pia (P-code 398-976). Current Availability

OSK to participate in Hoekago Procession


There is a legend that says that in the Genroku Era, the Hoekago* Procession began when geisha from the geisha district in Osaka's Namba area began visiting "Ebessan" (Imamiyaebisu Shrine) instead of men of the Semba district. Every year, geisha, fukumusume**, and a large number of celebrities, starting with television stars, ride in hoekago from Soemoncho to Imamiyaebisu Shrine, creating a long procession. To pray for good luck in 2010, all the members of OSK will be participating.

Date: January 9, 2010
Time: Boarding the hoekago: 9:40
Departure from Soemoncho: 10:00

* Palanquins unique to Osaka
** Imamiyaebisu Shrine maidens

Note: The Hoekago Procession is part of Toka Ebisu, an Imamiyaebisu Shrine festival that lasts from January 9 to January 11. Since Osaka was a famous merchant city, this festival is particularly popular with businesses. More information is available here.

OSK to be guests at Kagetsu Makoto concert

OSK will be guests at Kagetsu Makoto's February 26, 2010 concert 『二度とない人生だから』. It will be held once at 2 pm and again at 7 pm. Takase Mao, Shirafuji Reika, Yuura Ayato, Seno Asuka, Kanna Mei, Kazusa Kurumi, Manase Hikaru, Kisana Marika, Aina Karen, and Hitomi Rion will appear. Tickets are 5000 yen and begin selling on January 8. The venue is the Hankyuu middle hall in the Hyogo Performing Arts Center. Other guests include Yamamura Waka, the sixth master of the Yamamura style of traditional Japanese dance and sometimes-choreographer of Japanese dance in Takarazuka, and Nakagawa Akinori, a singer-songwriter. You can find more information about Kagetsu Makoto here (in Japanese). Kagetsu is an opera singer, so I'm curious as to what OSK will be doing there!

OSK to perform in Shanghai

The news report says that OSK will participate in Expo 2010 Shanghai. From July 23rd to July 29th, 2010, they will perform a half-hour show three times a day as part of the event "21st-Century Envoy: Nara Week in Shanghai". The musical is titled 『夢の旅人 「NAKAMARO」』 ("Dream Travellers 「NAKAMARO」"). Ouka Noboru, Kiryuu Asaya, Makina Kotori, and eight other as-yet-unnamed actresses are slated to go. It's been a long time since OSK has been to Shanghai, and they hope we are looking forward to it. ;)

EDIT: Oops, almost forgot. Here are the lucky actresses and some press people at the press conference: Collapse )