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OSK DVDs for sale

Hello. I am not sure if anyone in this group is interested, but I would like to sell a few of my OSK DVDs.They are all in excellent condition. I'm trying to raise money for a possible trip to Japan in September/October so I'm selling some of my stuff. Please let me know if you're interested. The price is $50 each.

1. Souji (starring Takase Mao)
2. Haru no Odori 2005
3. Haru no Odori 2004

Also, if anyone knows OSK schedule for September, please let me know.

Haru no Odori 2012 announced!

On the last day of Haru no Odori 2011, Ouka Noboru announced that there will be Haru no Odori 2012.  It will be a 90th anniversary cerebration performance for OSK. 

I'm so glad since Shochiku made statement that OSK could not sell at least 10,000 ticket during Haru no Odori, they will no longer produce Haru no Odori.  I do not know if Haru no Odori 2010 sold over 10,000 tickets or not, but glad to see Shochiku finding it is worth to do another Haru no Odori. 
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New to LJ - fan of OSK

Hi. I'm new to LJ. Just found this community and thought I'd join because I'm a fan of OSK. I wish they would ship stuff to the US. I especially like Takase Mao. She's always so nice to her fans. I met her in Japan and liked her because she always smiles and takes time to talk to fans.

Schedule: April, 2011

OSK Nippon Kagekidan OSK日本歌劇団 http://www.osk-revue.com/
Haru no Odori 春のおどり
 April 3 (Sun) - April10 (Sun)
 Haru no Odori 2001 (春のおどり 2011) Flier第一部:〜繚乱〜「さくら 桜 サクラ」
山村 若/作・演出・振付

大谷 盛雄/作・演出・振付

Date & Time:
  • April 3 (Sun) 12:00-, 16:00
  • April 4 (Mon) 12:00-, 16:00
  • April 5 (Tue)  12:00-, 16:00
  • April 6 (Wed) 12:00-
  • April 7 (Thur) 12:00-, 16:00
  • April 8 (Fri) 12:00-, 16:00
  • April 9 (Sat) 12:00-, 16:00
  • April 10 (Sun) 11:00-, 15:00
Theater: 大阪松竹座 Osaka Shouchiku-za

Ticket Prices:
  • First Class: 8000yen
  • Second Class: 4000yen
Ticket will be available from March 5, 2011. 

Kageki★Bijou 歌劇★ビジュー
CLOSE FRIENDApril 22 (Fri)-24 (Sun)
Close Friendあなたには大切な友と呼べる存在がいますか?
Date & Time: 
  • April 22 (Fri)  19:00-
  • April 23 (Sat)  15:00-, 19:00-
  • April 24 (Sun)  12:00, 15:00-
Theater:  Theater BONBON (Tokyo Nakano) http://www.pocketsquare.jp/bonbon/index.html 

Starring: Natsuki Shun 那月峻, Yuma Asato友麻亜里

Ticket Price: 4000yen

Buy Tickets at    
Confetti Ticket Center カンフィティチケットセンター http://confetti-web.com
    TEL : 0120-240-540(weekday 10:00-18:00)
For each ticket purchased at Confetti, BCG vaccine for a child in a developing company will be donated.

Ticket Pia チケットぴあ http://pia.jp/t(P-code: 409-802)
    TEL : 0570-02-9999

Lawson Ticket ローソンチケット http://l-tike.com/(L-code: 35602)
    TEL : 0570-084-003(24hrs)
    TEL : 0570-000-407(handled by Operator)

Kageki★Bijou 歌劇★ビジュー http://k-bijou.com/top_about/reserve_ticket2.html
    TEL : 0797-31-1933(10:00 - 20:00)

dog rights co., ltd.  株式会社 ドッグライツ
    TEL : 050-1538-6452
    MAIL : info@dogrights.jp
              Email the date and time, number of ticket, your name, postal address and phone number. 

Retirement: 珂逢こころ Kaai Kokoro

Kaai Kokoro 珂逢こころ announced her retirement from OSK. The last show she will appear is Haru no Odori 2011 (April 3-10)

She was one of the Class 74, or the last students graduated from Nippon Kageki Gakkou 日本歌劇学校, the music school ran by OSK until 2001.  She served as the leader of the Cherry Girls after its first leader Harusaki Tomoka 春咲巴香 left OSK in 2008. 

OSK schedule: Oct., 2010

Oct.2, 2010 - Nov. 7, 2010

LOVE FORCE Takefu Chrysanthemum Dolls Fair Grand Theater Performance

Echizen City Takefu Central Park
2-7 Takase, Echizen-shi
Fukui-ken, Japan 915-0832
越前市武生中央公園 〒915-0832 越前市高瀬二丁目7番

Ticket price: 1000yen to enter the fair ground, additional 800yen per show

Performance time
-Weekdays: 10:30, 14:30
-Holidays and weekends: 10:00, 13:00, 14:30

Starring: 桜花 昇ぼる(Ouka Noboru)・緋波 亜紀(Hinai Aki)・牧名 ことり(Makina Kotori)・珂逢 こころ(Kaai Kokoro)・恋羽 みう(Kohane Miu)・桂稀 けいと(Katsuragi Keito)・蒼音 淳(Aoto Jun)・虹架 路万(Nijikake Roman)・瀬乃 明日華(Seno Asuka)・白藤 麗華(Shirafuji Reika)・香月 蓮(Kouzuki Ren)・和紗 くるみ(Kazusa Kurumi)・愛奈 かれん(Aina Karen)・華月 奏(Hanazuki Sou)・彩音 ひより(Ayane Hiyori)・八洲 承(Yashima Shou)・舞美 りら(Maimi Rira)