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Haru no Odori 2012 announced! - OSK and SKD
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Junklover posting in OSK and SKD ~Shochiku related Shojo Kageki~
User: osk_skd (posted by junklover)
Date: 2011-04-11 11:48
Subject: Haru no Odori 2012 announced!
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Tags:news and announcements
On the last day of Haru no Odori 2011, Ouka Noboru announced that there will be Haru no Odori 2012.  It will be a 90th anniversary cerebration performance for OSK. 

I'm so glad since Shochiku made statement that OSK could not sell at least 10,000 ticket during Haru no Odori, they will no longer produce Haru no Odori.  I do not know if Haru no Odori 2010 sold over 10,000 tickets or not, but glad to see Shochiku finding it is worth to do another Haru no Odori. 
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