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Retirement: 珂逢こころ Kaai Kokoro - OSK and SKD
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September 2013

User: osk_skd (posted by kageki_addict)
Date: 2011-03-01 01:00
Subject: Retirement: 珂逢こころ Kaai Kokoro
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Kaai Kokoro 珂逢こころ announced her retirement from OSK. The last show she will appear is Haru no Odori 2011 (April 3-10)

She was one of the Class 74, or the last students graduated from Nippon Kageki Gakkou 日本歌劇学校, the music school ran by OSK until 2001.  She served as the leader of the Cherry Girls after its first leader Harusaki Tomoka 春咲巴香 left OSK in 2008. 
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